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About Us

Blunt Skateboards is an underground skate company based in Bern, Switzerland and San Diego, California. We are 100% skater owned and operated. All of our skateboards are made in the U.S. by small skater owned companies. Our aim is to bring a little So-Cal flavor to the Swiss skating scene, and more importantly, to offer Swiss skaters an alternative to the big commercial skateboard companies. Fight the power!!!

Blunt Skateboards ONLY conducts business through the websites and Please do not contact us regarding products purchased on other websites.
We do NOT sell on Amazon or Ebay, nor are we affiliated in any way with vendors using our name on those sites.

blunt /bl∧nt/  1. adj. a:  abrupt in speech or manner, rude; b: straight to the point, direct;  2. noun   (skateboarding) maneuver in which one ollies onto an object landing on the backside of the truck;  3. proper noun a:  skateboard company based in Bern, Switzerland and San Diego, California, representing the small independent skate companies of California.

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